The 10 Hottest Celebrities of 2009

I’ve been thinking about all the top 10 lists I’ve run across these past few weeks, and it occurred to me that I have a top 10 list of my own. Here’s my list of celebrities I’d most like to watch shave.

1. Hugh Jackman
2. Julian McMahon
3. Rob Marciano
4. Henry Rollins
5. Jake Gyllenhaal
6. John Stamos
7. Will Forte
8. Jason Guy
9. Ben Affleck
10. Zachary Quinto

Hugh Jackman: I’ve had a crush on him ever since 2000 when I saw him as Wolverine in the first “X-Men” movie. This year he hosted the Academy Awards, and was arguably the most entertaining host they’ve ever had, and he showed off his sexy body in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.” And if he’s hot enough to be People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” he’s hot enough for me.

Julian McMahon, incredibly sexy stubble on “Charmed” and even sexier on “Nip/Tuck.” Rob Marciano, CNN meteorologist, has to be the most beautiful weatherman on the planet. Henry Rollins, fascinating guy, hot body and an I’m-going-to-kick-your-ass demeanor that’s both a turn on and scary. And there’s the dimple in his chin. Woof!

Jake Gyllenhaal nearly killed me when I saw him shave without foam in “Brokeback Mountain.” John Stamos, much better looking than he was during his “Full House” years. Will Forte, SNL funnyman, is the best looking comedian they’ve ever had on Saturday Night Live, in my opinion. Jason Guy, famously Christian house guest from Big Brother 3 and currently WESH-Channel 2 morning anchor in Orlando, Fla. Ben Affleck has been a dream of mine since “Chasing Amy” in 1997. Zachary Quinto, evil mutant Sylar and the newest Mr. Spock from “Star Trek,” has an amazing amount of facial hair that begs to be shaved.

Which brings me to my final point. The fantasy. I’m alone with Hugh in his bathroom and the guy really needs a shave. We’re talking two or three days growth. Wolverine-style stubble. And I get to watch the whole thing: wetting the beard, spreading the shaving cream and then every stroke of the razor. Maybe I’m even the one who works the shaving lather into his beard with my fingertips. That part of the fantasy changes depending on when you catch me.

But that’s it. Me and Mr. Jackman, a razor and a can of shaving cream.
Welcome to my dream.

Anyone have a different star they’re dying to watch shave?

    • barbershave
    • January 3rd, 2010

    I watch so little TV and go to so few films these days I’m not really up on recent celebrities. But I think Sean William Scott is very nice and I’d give him a free shave any time. British actor Clive Owen would be great to see lathered. 🙂 George Clooney would probably definitely make my list. Among obscure actors, there’s a guy named Mather Zickel I think is really hot, and you can find a set of photos of him getting a barber shave in Lisbon, Portugal on the web that I think are very interesting.

    Another obscure actor is Marsh Mokhtari. He has his own website where you can see some clips of him. He quite often appears bestubbled. If I ever was asked to cast a shaving commercial, he’d be one of the first actors I’d call:

    When I was just going through puberty, my particular heartthrob was Ben Gazzara on the TV show “Run for Your Life”. Find a picture of him as he was back then and I think you’ll see what I mean. I also liked Tom Selleck and Alec Baldwin a great deal in their younger days.

    Another now-elderly actor who I loved when he was younger is Peter Brown. He’s not well known today except to some soap opera fans, but back when he was young and playing on TV westerns he was very hot. And even hotter was the late Peter Duel, of “Alias Smith and Jones”. He had a younger brother named Geoffrey Deuel (the different spellings are not a mistake; Peter simplified the original spelling of the surname and Geoffrey didn’t) who was just as gorgeous, but whose acting career was unfortunately very short-lived.

    As for newscasters, I like Sanjay Gupta and Hari Sreenivasan, both fine examples of East Indian men I’d love to see lathered up. 🙂

    Author Sebastian Junger is incredibly sexy and often seen stubbly.

    • shavingfaceblog
    • January 9th, 2010

    I would say a “big amen” to all the celebrities you listed. Sean William Scott and Clive Owen are particular faves of mine. I just saw George Clooney in “Up in the Air” and I’ve never see him more adorable, so if you’re a Clooney fan, you should see it. No shaving scenes in it though, and the ending might leave some people unsatisfied. That’s all I’ll say.

    Of course, there’s thousands of male celebrities that I would love to shave, and it was hard to limit myself to just 10. There was one actor, however, whom I left off my 2009 list that I feel terribly guilty about. I love him, and I was very disloyal to have left him off my list: Eric Bana.

    I also missed “The Time Traveler’s Wife” when it was in the theaters because it got bad reviews and I couldn’t interest anyone in seeing it with me, but I’ll definitely catch it on DVD. I enjoyed the book, and if the film is faithful to it, Mr. Bana as the time traveler will appear naked throughout the film. (He leaves his clothes behind every time he travels through time.) God, I would love to see him shave that gorgeous face of his, naked or fully clothed.

    I found those Mather Zicker photos you described. Very hot!
    I only have the most basic cable service that the local cable company offers, so I’ve missed out on the latest crop of cable hotties. Marsh Mokhtari is beautiful! A gorgeous, thrill-seeking, ex-rugby player—what’s not to love?

    Two men from my own pubescent years (actually prepubescent) that I fell in love with before I even knew I was gay was Lee Majors, who appeared in one episode of my favorite show (at the time), “Six Million Dollar Man” lathered up and shaving. I’ll never forget it.

    The other was an actor who made frequent appearances in small roles on late 1970s TV shows: Dennis Cole, who at one time was married too Jaclyn Smith. Hey there’s a coincidence! Lee Majors was married to Farrah Fawcett, another of the original “Charlie’s Angels.”

    Dennis Cole passed away this past November in Fort Lauderdale at the age of 69. Apparently he appeared in some early gay erotic magazines. I would have loved to see him shave in the 1970s.
    And one last man, who I DID see lathered up beautifully in the 1970s: Lyle Waggoner, who spoofed a razor commercial on the Carol Burnett Show once. Has anyone seen that? According to Wikipedia: “Waggoner was also the first centerfold for Playgirl (albeit with limited nudity) in June 1973.”

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